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Hello, we are very happy that you are interested in DUVETOPIA, and that you want to find out even more about us.

The most important thing for you to know is that we always do our utmost to offer you and all our clients the best and the latest in innovation, luxury, quality – and, above all, we offer you the highest levels in night-time comfort. Our aim is to ensure that you sleep as well and as soundly as possible all through the night. We guarantee you the very best quality products at really affordable prices. 


How are we able to do this? The answer to that is very simple! We spend time travelling to different parts of the world to find materials which fulfill our needs and enable us to produce the very best bedding for our customers. The final product is ordered by you, and we deliver it straight to your door as quickly as possible. In DUVETOPIA we work hard in order to be able to offer you the quality and comfort which you deserve, at the same time making sure our prices are as honest and as accessible to your pocket as possible. The biggest motivation for us is to share with you, our customers, the newest and the best with regard to newly discovered materials and production methods. If you are happy then we are more than happy too! 


Get to know us, and you will soon realize that there is no need to invest vast amounts of money in order to benefit from the maximum luxury in night-time rest. Give yourself and your family a treat, and be surprised by the quality and comfort of our duvets, our excellent pillows, our mattress Toppers, our cozy down-filled slippers - and all these products and more carefully shaped, adapted and tested to meet the needs of all ages from babies to the elderly. We cater for everyone’s needs and tastes! We in DUVETOPIA know very well that fitting out all your beds with new and good quality bedding is a long term investment plan; but a plan which is well worth carrying out for the benefit of all your family. Your good health, comfort and satisfaction lies behind all that we produce for our customers. 


DUVETOPIA has more than five years’ experience, always doing its best to satisfy your needs and requirements, while at the same time making sure you are happy and content with your newly acquired purchases. We are sure you will be very happy indeed to form part of our growing DUVETOPIA family. 

With great Pride we Offer you:

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Innovation and Wellbeing

The most important thing for us is to able to offer you the most advanced designs and fabrics in bedclothes. We are always working hard to make sure your investment means for you the highest levels in comfort and wellbeing. Our success is your satisfaction!


Long Lasting Comfort

Yes, our products are made to last a long time! Luxury, quality and comfort are joined together in all our bedding products. You can be sure that with a minimum of care you will have in your possession for many years to come sets of duvets, sheets and pillows – along with all our other products - giving you the complete range of innovative and attractive bedding to last a lifetime.


The Utmost Affordable Luxury

Straight from our factory to your home! Our concern is to bring to you high quality bedding which you will be really happy and proud to own. We not only sell you what we are immensely proud to manufacture, but we do so convinced that what you are buying is indeed the best and at prices which will suit your pocket.


Made-to-Measure Service

Buy from us with confidence! Whatever help and advice you need, we are here to give it. We are at your service to answer all your concerns and enquiries at all times.  After consultation with us and after making your purchase you can take the products home, knowing that if you are not happy with what you have bought you can return them or change them without any problem at all. We also offer you a two-year guarantee and, at the same time, give you a Certification of Quality which is proof of the high quality of all our bedding. DUVETOPIA offers you safe and satisfying purchasing!


Our Costumers

Just what I wanted. Fantastic! I had one on my bed in Germany and it looked good and felt good. Thanks a lot!

J. Hilda October 2015

We had bought the Temprakon cot mattress already. You suggested we buy the Temprakon cot duvet. Thanks for the advice. We saved money and it does the trick. We are very happy with the buy - and your help and advice.

I. Lewis March 2015

My partner loves it! I’m getting to like it more now, but my partner thought it was wonderful from the beginning.

P.K. September 2015

Good quality and fair price. A good pillow which lets you have a good sleep. And I don’t sweat any more which is fantastic! .

F. Maeghan February 2014

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