temprakon advance

Temprakon Advance


TEMPRAKON-Advance is a trade mark created by Quilts of Denmark. It is a revolutionary system which enables you to regulate the temperature in your bed, ensuring for you a deep and relaxing sleep.

TEMPRAKON-Advance helps you to reach and maintain optimum temperatures, creating the ideal conditions for a comfortable and regenerating sleep free from perspiration or cold. The TEMPRAKON bedclothes are capable of storing or releasing any excess heat, so ensuring the ideal temperature for your body and guaranteeing for you sound and high quality sleep.

The TEMPRAKON-Advance system is completely effective and efficient and capable of regulating independently the ideal temperature for each of two people sleeping in the same bed. This is the perfect solution for two people whose body temperatures are different and who require tailor-made and individual attention.

The temperature regulating system TEMPRAKON-Advance is created using the thermo-regulating fabric Outlast and a maximum quality goose down filling. 


The TEMPRAKON-Advance system has a triple function

Heat regulation: The thermo-regulating fabric, Outlast absorbs any excess heat given off by the body or from the interior of the bed and stores it in the goose down filling.

Cold regulation: If your body temperature drops, the thermo-regulating fabric Outlast absorbs the heat stored in the down filling and returns it to your body so ensuring the ideal conditions for your comfort.

Moisture regulation: The TEMPRAKON system eliminates any excess moisture generated in the interior of the bed whilst the goose down filling, for its part absorbs any moisture and eliminates it, sending it outside the bed. Your body can liberate quite a lot of moisture every night. Remember, heat + moisture = perspiration.  The TEMPRAKON bedclothes absorb moisture which then evaporates quickly ensuring for you a balanced and natural sleep with optimum temperatures all through the night. 


How does the TEMPRAKON thermoregulating technology work?

The thermo-regulating fabric present in all TEMPRAKON products is made up of tiny capsules which contain a special resin. These micro capsules have the capacity to store any excess heat present inside the bed, and the down filling expels any undesirable moisture produced by your body.

When body temperature drops these tiny capsules (Also called ‘Thermocules’) release the previously stored heat which is now completely moisture free. This process goes on all through the night, maintaining at all times a stable temperature and offering a deep and regenerating rest. 


The origins of the TEMPRAKON-Advance system

The TEMPRAKON technology was originally designed by NASA for the suits used by astronauts on their walks into Space. Quilts of Denmark was the first company in the world to be given permission by NASA to use this technology in the manufacture of bedding. Quilts of Denmark was the first company to launch onto the market the first thermo-regulating TEMPRAKON products: goose down duvets, pillows, mattress toppers, baby quilts and so on.

 The Space Adaptation Program offers its special recognition and congratulations to any companies which have successfully commercialized Space technology to be used in the manufacture of improved, high quality products here on Earth. Indeed, TEMPRAKON is a very good example of a product which was first used in Space exploration but which now helps to improve the quality of life for us all.    


But what does “Advance” really mean

Nowadays former TEMPRAKON technology has evolved and has been developed to offer you even more benefits and comfort. The thermoregulating fabric found on the outside cover of our bed-time products has been perfectioned to offer improved thermoregulating capacity.

At the same time TEMPRAKON-Advance products offer you extra-special softness and freshness which makes them even more comfortable. In addition to that, thanks to a special treatment with natural plant oil all TEMPRAKON–Advance products are free of mites and bacteria. 


How to use TEMPRAKON –Advance products correctly

Always remember to place the ‘active’ TEMPRAKON-Advance surface of the bedding next to your body. This surface is indicated by red piping around the duvet or by a label on the bottom corner. In order to make best use of the temperature and moisture control, place this side of the product next to your body. For the first 15-25 seconds you will feel cool, but only until the TEMPRAKON-Advance system starts to adjust temperatures, creating for your body the perfect warmth and comfort for a deep night’s sleep.

All TEMPRAKON-Advance products are machine washable up to 60 degrees Centigrade. 

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